DNA Testing

What is DNA Parentage Testing? DNA Parentage Testing is the most reliable and powerful method of proving or disproving parentage. It conclusively answers difficult questions, resolves disputes, helps streamline court proceedings and facilitates pretrial settlements. Testing is based on a highly accurate analysis of the genetic profiles of the mother, child and alleged father. Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the unique genetic blueprint within each nucleated cell in the body, determines a person’s genetic pattern and individual characteristics. A child inherits half of this DNA pattern from the mother and half from the father. If the mother’s and child’s patterns are known, the father’s can be deduced with virtual certainty. Please call our office today to find out about our “NO NEEDLES (no blood test)” approach to DNA testing… Who can use DNA Parentage Testing?
  • A man who is wondering if a child is really his.
  • Someone wanting closure or peace of mind.
  • A woman seeking child support from a man who denies he is the child’s father.
  • A person attempting to win visitation or custody.
  • A parent going through a divorce.
  • A person seeking to establish Social Security benefits, inheritance rights, or Native American tribal rights.
  • A person seeking to immigrate into the U.S. on the grounds that s/he is a blood relative of a citizen.
  • Someone wanting to identify biological grandparents or siblings.
  • Those who have received inconclusive results from other methods or who want a “second opinion.”
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