GPS Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking

Chemnet now offers GPS Fleet Management & Vehicle Tracking
Prices Starting as low as $29.99 a month!

Proactively Manage Your Fleet with the Most Innovative Solution on the Market

Our GPS fleet management software enhances your business. We feel it provides the best value in vehicle- and fleet-tracking software in today’s marketplace. Our off-the-shelf solutions provide rapid deployment and R.O.I. This allows our customers to experience dramatic improvements in their fleet management operations, while increasing their bottom line. And best of all we do not tie our customers into long overpriced contracts.

100% Web-based to Effectively Manage Your Fleet from Anywhere, Anytime.

The affordable GPS Fleet Management solution is a robust, on-demand, Web-designed application. The result: GPS fleet management technology that provides customers with the functionality they need to manage their businesses and increase productivity. User-configurable map default views and security-based access enable you to manage the information visible to employees when they login to the application.

Cargo theft is a Global concern and is on the rise every year

Take a look at the article Published by Feight Watch International.  Protect your employees and your business for a fraction of what you could lose in just one incident.

Manage your fleet efficiency.

Take control of your costs by using our intuitive software to report:

  • Report harsh braking/accelerating/turning.
  • Excessive Idle times
  • Score each driver based on customized parameters in a simple one step report.
Communicate with you vehicles in real time.

Knowing where your vehicles are is just one of the many features of having our system installed.  Scheduling Maintenance, Refueling, Battery health and driver qualifications are just a few of the added benefits available to the fleet manager.

Almost impossible to detect or disable.

Our GPS management systems are hard wired into the vehicle in a discreet location so that bypassing or tampering with the unit is much harder.  All antennae’s are mounted underneath the dash to help conceal the unit as well.  Thieves are smarter and one of the first areas they will look when stealing a truck is under the dash for “plug in” type devices.  Once removed your vehicle is now untraceable with most products.

Added features available to customize your fleet needs

Here are some added features that we can incorporate into your fleet tracking services:

  • Cargo temperature probe(s) – monitor cargo temperatures in real time.  Get alerts when temperatures are out of range.
  • Hands free communication – We can install optional  Microphone and Speakers that allow the manager to call the vehicle and communicate without the driver having to pick up a phone or other communication equipment.
  • Camera(s) – Onboard cameras can be installed to monitor the driver or cargo activity.  Simply log in to your tracking site and view/take pictures of the environment.


  • Remote starter kill f- If the vehicle is stolen, activate this feature and the vehicle will not start from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • SOS button – Cargo theft is becoming even more common and the SOS feature is just one more to that allows your driver to communicate with the fleet manager in the event a hijacking situation or emergency is taking place.

Technology that connects families with their loved ones and companies with their employees.

GPS Features

  • Driver Location monitoring
  • Results of Pass/Fail email reporting
  • Saved results sent to a secure server for review
  • Results deliverable by phone or text message
  • Capability to enable/disable engine start
  • SOS command in case of hijack or cargo theft


Optional Safekey Interlock Check Module

SafeKey Check ModuleAbout the size of a conventional automotive key, the Check Module is the testing portion of the ignition interlock system. The Check Module is easy to attach to one’s key ring. This device is much easier to operate than, for example, a breathalyzer analysis device. As further built-in security a given Check Module only communicates with a unique and individual code only with the ignition interlock device specifically installed in the vehicle.


This component prevents the car from being started if the Check Module test is not passed. In order to start the car, the Immobilizer must receive a positive command from the Check Module. The Immobilizer is a reliable solid-state electronic circuit that is professionally installed in the vehicle, typically under the dashboard. Again, this device can only be commanded by the single corresponding Check Module.


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